School of Visual and Performing Arts Syracuse University
School of Visual and Performing Arts
Syracuse University


Tom Cowan

Kickstarter Donors:

Alexa Eisner
andrew haeussler
Andy Caponi
Andy Mager
Angela Washko
Banjo Supreme
Beatrix Bossle
Cambria Hamburg
Daina Mattis
Dan F
Dan Violi
David Lublin
David Wolstencroft
Drew Houpt
Elias Gwinn
Elisabeth Roth
Emily Berçir Zimmerman
Gabriele Weinmann
Georg Weinmann
Haden & Rose
Janet Ertz
jjeff regeiringer
Joanna Spitzner
Joe Lingeman
John & Evelyn Golembe
John Johanson
Jonathan Lee Marcus
Kalina Staub
Kristin Johnson
Kurt Przybilla
Kyu Park
Lauren Boldon
Lina Dahlberg
Liz Ainslie
Mary Beth Quigley
mary GIEHL
Mathew Kane
Matthew Houdek
Maura Foley
Maureen Barrett
Megan Foley
Michael Dunn
Mike Feurstein
Mindy McDaniel
Nao Bustamante
Noam Ron
Olivia Robinson
Omi Hildegard Weinmann
Pam McLaughlin
Patrick Bazinet
patrick williams
Peg n’ John
Peter Vincent
Rachel Somerstein
Rebecca Aloisio
Ron Sutterer
Rose Marie Cromwell
Royah Marie
Sarah C Wilson
Sunil Buster Kapila
Timothy Westbrook
Wolff, Monika
Xiaowen Zhu
Yogesh Girdhar
Zaoli Zhong

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