A Quieter Season

As the days grow shorter we are reminded of the importance of sharing the warmth. Multiple members of the DS Institute are on a nine month fellowship in Los Angeles while the Mobile Sauna remains in upstate NY. As a result, though the DS Institute think tank is in the midst of brainstorming and strategizing, the Mobile Sauna will have a slightly less active schedule this season. There will be occasional sauna sessions in Syracuse NY and we welcome location and event suggestions. Feel free to email us at contact AT dsinsitute.com and stay tuned for future sauna sessions and DS Institute events.

Photos from Mobile Sauna and Sweat Battery in NYC at the Ideas City Festival

These photos where taken at the Ideas City Festival on May 4th.  It was a great day of sharing ideas and sweating on the Lower East Side. Sweat collected from sauna users during the festival was used in a DS Institute Sweat Battery which was exhibited at 25CPW Gallery the end of May.  The battery can be seen below in post on “Maximizing Sweat Equity.” All NYC photos were taken by Andrew Frost.

Mobile Sauna in the Lower East Side (Resulting Sweat Battery to be Exhibited at 25CPW Gallery)

Blip TV and Russian TV featured the DS Institute in their coverage of the New Museum’s Ideas City Festival.  Check it out below!  We come on around 2:20 on Blip TV and 1:00 on Russian TV.  During the festival sauna users volunteered their sweat which was used as an active ingredient in an electrical battery that charged cell phones. The battery will be exhibited and available to charge your phone as part of the eNth Degree at 25CPW Gallery next week. (Reception May 23, 6-8pm)

At SU Art Galleries

The Mobile Sauna  was operating in front of the Syracuse University Art Galleries last week as part of ‘The eNTH Degree: MFA 2013.’ Approximately 45 people used the sauna, many of them new to sauna culture.

The animated gifs below provided by SOR on Proper Proof is of the “Shag on Roofs Band” the first sauna users of the evening, including band members; SU Art Galleries very own David Prince, Pam McLaughlin representing the Everson, Paul Pearce representing Proper Proof and number one SOR groupie Julie Longmore. More photos coming soon!

Mobile Sauna at Gandee Gallery this Saturday!

The Mobile Sauna was in the Hawley Green and University neighborhoods in Syracuse in February.  It will be operating at the Gandee Gallery, 7846 Main St. Fabius NY 13063, this Saturday March 9th from 6-10pm.  This sauna session coincides with a gallery talk and opening reception for Gandee Gallery’s exhibition Tea Bowls: A Contemporary Approach. You can learn more about Gandee Gallery at www.gandeegallery.com

Come join us for the reception and to sauna. Bring a towel and flip flops!

sauna Sauna-Portraits-12

photo credits: Top left by Andy Frost.  Top right by Joe Roggenbuck

In the Sauna Everyone is Equal


photograph by Andy Frost Sauna-Portraits-5 Sauna-Portraits-3

This is a common saying in sauna cultures throughout the world.  DS Institute member, Misha,  sports a sauna hat that says (in Russian) “In the Banya everyone is equal”  In Finnish culture the saying is often associated with the comfort of embracing nudity in the sauna. Everyone is equal and has nothing to hide.

In the Mobile Sauna people wear as little or as much as they please, but the idiom still holds true.  Hierarchical interactions are left outside in the cold.  People who’s daily interactions are typically limited, harried, or work related share this intimate cleansing environment. The physical exertion of the body as it sweats induces mental relaxation.  In addition to the enjoyment of sharing the sauna with friends and healthy relations the sauna provides an atmosphere advantageous to people engaged in tense or disagreeable dialogue. The benches in the mobile sauna form a semi circle around hearth aiding in the natural flow of conversation.

Photo credits:  Top left by Andy Frost.  Top middle, right and below by Joe Roggenbuck


Photos where taken during Mobile Sauna sessions in the Hawley Green and University neighborhood in February.

Sauna Here and There

A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to sauna with LA based artist Edgar Arceneaux during his visit to Syracuse. An artist who’s practice embraces the intersection of art, culture, and community. It was great to sauna with and get advice from a pro!

Edgar Arceneaux after a sauna

We also fired up the sauna in a different corner of the Westcott neighborhood!  We will be laying low as this year comes to an end, but will be on the move in mid-January!


photo (2)