Sweat it Out in Boston

Need to sweat out some tension? Visit Sweat it Out, a free-to-the-public handcrafted mobile sauna, courtesy of the DS Institute, on the Harborwalk in Boston this November and December.

Join us as we discuss key tension areas in Boston and beyond in this warm, welcoming, safe place in the coldest of Boston months. Relax, get comfortable, and open up—it’s our hope that we can discuss the hard things with each other in a trusting, supportive way. Please come sweat it out with us!

A project by Caitlin Foley, Heather Kapplow, and Misha Rabinovich.

Sweat it Out is made possible with funding by the New England Foundation for the Arts’ Creative City Program, with funding from The Barr Foundation and with additional support from the Boston Foundation.Sweat it Out is also sponsored in part by Blue Hills Saving Bank.

Sauna use linked to longer life, fewer fatal heart problems

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We’ve seen a lot of sauna health research and most of the time the findings were mixed: it was hard to scientifically measure the health benefits. But a new study using Finnish subjects does support the idea that saunas are healthy. Unfortunately, the study only looked at male subjects however the results are very encouraging.

In the USA, sauna use is associated with the pampering of spas, so a study on long term sauna users here would probably be biased from the get-go. The key here is that Fins of all walks of life use the sauna so the results are probably not skewed based on socioeconomic status. Perhaps as research like this and projects such as ours continue to permeate the culture of the States, all kinds of people will start stripping down, hopping in, and maybe even living longer!

Harvard Health Blog: Saunas are Healthy

Unruly Engagements at Cleveland Institute of Art

It was a great honor to present an update on our project at the Cleveland Institute of Art Unruly Engagements Conference. We showed photos and presented the story of the mobile sauna. We also did a live showcase of a sweat battery charging mobile phones which was created with the sweat of conference goers. We collected the sweat the night before, at Banya Tamazonka in Cleveland (a Russian wet sauna).

The sweat battery organizes and contains the sweat, which is a representation of externalized stress. We are not erasing the problems that cause the stress: the sweat battery still holds a charge. But we are dealing with the stress by pushing it out so it is no longer inside, causing problems for the mind and body. The mobile sauna is a vehicle for conversation and rejuvenation and acting as a weapon against factionalism and powering neighborliness.

Thank you to CIA and especially Gary Sampson and Jose Teixeira for bringing us there. It was an honor to be part of such a stellar lineup of presenters who discussed engaging and socially minded projects. It was great to meet new friends and connect with old ones. We hope to be back to Cleveland soon!

Maximizing Sweat Equity

2013-05-22 19.57.58

Sweat Battery Prototype

We presented our mobile sauna in New York City and got a very great reception. People used our sauna and volunteered their sweat. We turned this sweat into electrical batteries on the spot and charged our cell phone. Here is the instruction sheet we presented to explain how it works. The full instruction PDF is here.

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at 7.17.55 PM

Maximizing Sweat Equity How-to

Mobile Sauna Wants Your Help!

Some of you may have noticed that we haven’t charged money for sauna use. We’ve worked hard to raise funds for events so that we could bring you the sauna experience as a gift. Unfortunately, our extensive touring as of late required us to spend thousands of borrowed dollars to upgrade the trailer for longevity and function. If you are able to help us keep the sauna operation running with a small donation we would greatly appreciate it. We are finishing strong this sauna season and looking forward to taking it on the road again for the next! Please help us if you can, and whether you can donate or not you can always help us by spreading the word!

Above is a link to donate to the mobile sauna organization through Paypal. If you would like to donate but don’t want to use Paypal, please email us at contact -@- dsinstitute.com

Mobile Sauna at New Museum’s Ideas City Festival

Idea City Festival

Sweat Your Own Battery in our Closed Loop Sauna!

Enjoy free-flowing discussion inside a mobile sauna. Relax or share ideas, while your sweat is gathered and transformed into a working battery for emergency use. Join us in New York City at the intersection of Stanton and Chrystie Streets in Manhattan on May 4th, morning until 6pm.

You are invited to visit and use our mobile sauna / battery factory. Inside you will find others relaxing and sharing ideas about the pressing issues of our day in a moderated but free-flowing conversation. Join in or simply listen. The combined energy of wood burning and intellectual discussion will produce abundant sweat. Our trained staff will gather that sweat (pending your permission), and then transform it into the active ingredient in an electrical battery. This hand-made ceramic battery (inspired by Olivia Robinson, Daniela Kostova, and ancient Egypt) will be produced on the spot, stored in a special container and preserved for The Emergency. Your sweat equity will mingle with the sweat of others and stored as potential energy.

Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 2.51.20 PM

Emerge refreshed, doused with water, relieved of your stress, and prepared for tomorrow.

The sauna used in the program is a Mobile Sauna parked on the streets of New York. This program is part of The Canary Project’s Modern Primitive Exchange: Design and Ideas for Living through the End Times in collaboration with the DS Institute, which built and designed the Mobile Sauna. Trees will also be planted to offset the wood burned during the performance.

Sauna on the Roll! No Need to Burglarize

Mobile Sauna Brochure with Snowflakes — DS Institute


Yesterday a man broke into a home in California to use a sauna. I came accross this “bizarre” story on the internet today. But is this really so bizarre? It is cold outside, even in California (at least if you are from there). On top of this, it is flu season. There are some serious health benefits to using a sauna related to the flu.

It appears that saunaing can stop the onset of an infection (the hot air kills germs in the upper respiratory tract). Also, it seems that the increase in circulation helps your body take advantage of new anti-bodies (such as ones delivered by a vaccine). But hey, I’m not a doctor, so please check out the info yourself here.

So in light of all this pro-sauna information, is it so bizarre to want to sauna so badly as to break into someone’s house? Before you spend too much time on this question, consider the better option. Contact the Mobile Sauna team and get the sauna at your place! Email us at contact -at- dsinstitute.com

Sweating Removes BPA From the Body

Snow Sauna New Year Backyard

As we enter the sauna season in full, I wanted to share some scientific evidence with you. But first, do you know what BPA is? Bisphenol A is a compound found in a lot of plastics, like the plastic used to line most metal food cans. It also happens to be a synthetic hormone and thus an endocrine disruptor (woops).

Based on a study I found in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health, it seems that “induced sweating appears to be a potential method for elimination of BPA”. They are not using a large group of people for these tests, but the results are still encouraging.

So, to all those with a heavy body burden (and that is most of us), we wish you the best of sweats this winter! Happy new year from the DS Institute.

Lure of the Local Panel with Caitlin Foley of DS Institute

  Lure of the Local
  October 18, 2012




Join us for an informal discussion about the richness of Syracuse’s local neighborhoods, bustling downtown, natural surroundings, and fascinating history. TONY 2012 artists will share how the place we call ‘home’ inspires the art they’ve created for The Other New York: 2012. Artists include Jason Bernagozzi, Timothy Frerichs, Bob Gates, Caitlin Foley from the DS Institute, Michael Bosworth, and Elizabeth Leader.


2 Photo collage TONY

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