In the Sauna Everyone is Equal


photograph by Andy Frost Sauna-Portraits-5 Sauna-Portraits-3

This is a common saying in sauna cultures throughout the world.  DS Institute member, Misha,  sports a sauna hat that says (in Russian) “In the Banya everyone is equal”  In Finnish culture the saying is often associated with the comfort of embracing nudity in the sauna. Everyone is equal and has nothing to hide.

In the Mobile Sauna people wear as little or as much as they please, but the idiom still holds true.  Hierarchical interactions are left outside in the cold.  People who’s daily interactions are typically limited, harried, or work related share this intimate cleansing environment. The physical exertion of the body as it sweats induces mental relaxation.  In addition to the enjoyment of sharing the sauna with friends and healthy relations the sauna provides an atmosphere advantageous to people engaged in tense or disagreeable dialogue. The benches in the mobile sauna form a semi circle around hearth aiding in the natural flow of conversation.

Photo credits:  Top left by Andy Frost.  Top middle, right and below by Joe Roggenbuck


Photos where taken during Mobile Sauna sessions in the Hawley Green and University neighborhood in February.

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