Sauna on the Roll! No Need to Burglarize

Mobile Sauna Brochure with Snowflakes — DS Institute


Yesterday a man broke into a home in California to use a sauna. I came accross this “bizarre” story on the internet today. But is this really so bizarre? It is cold outside, even in California (at least if you are from there). On top of this, it is flu season. There are some serious health benefits to using a sauna related to the flu.

It appears that saunaing can stop the onset of an infection (the hot air kills germs in the upper respiratory tract). Also, it seems that the increase in circulation helps your body take advantage of new anti-bodies (such as ones delivered by a vaccine). But hey, I’m not a doctor, so please check out the info yourself here.

So in light of all this pro-sauna information, is it so bizarre to want to sauna so badly as to break into someone’s house? Before you spend too much time on this question, consider the better option. Contact the Mobile Sauna team and get the sauna at your place! Email us at contact -at-

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