MobileSauna In The Show & Rewards Update

Our MobileSauna made it into The Other New York biennial opening this Fall! This is a big multi-venue group art exhibition organized by the Everson Museum in Syracuse, NY. Other participating venues include Art Rage, Lightwork, Red House, and others (press release). You might be happy to know that you will all be credited as donors in the show’s catalog. We are completing the image for the catalog over the next week.

The reward packages are coming together. We originally had them going out to you in March, however we are still fulfilling the gift packs. They are coming out swimmingly! Above is a sneak peak at the hand-painted mugs getting ready for firing.

Our new stove is a wonder. We had to raise an additional grand and a half to get it, but thanks to you we had our successful Kickstarter to encourage the donor! Finally, our new stove arrived. We almost combusted when we saw the serial number. Its a great omen as far as heat goes. We will be in touch shortly to ascertain your mailing address.

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