Sauna use linked to longer life, fewer fatal heart problems

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We’ve seen a lot of sauna health research and most of the time the findings were mixed: it was hard to scientifically measure the health benefits. But a new study using Finnish subjects does support the idea that saunas are healthy. Unfortunately, the study only looked at male subjects however the results are very encouraging.

In the USA, sauna use is associated with the pampering of spas, so a study on long term sauna users here would probably be biased from the get-go. The key here is that Fins of all walks of life use the sauna so the results are probably not skewed based on socioeconomic status. Perhaps as research like this and projects such as ours continue to permeate the culture of the States, all kinds of people will start stripping down, hopping in, and maybe even living longer!

Harvard Health Blog: Saunas are Healthy

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