Unruly Engagements at Cleveland Institute of Art

It was a great honor to present an update on our project at the Cleveland Institute of Art Unruly Engagements Conference. We showed photos and presented the story of the mobile sauna. We also did a live showcase of a sweat battery charging mobile phones which was created with the sweat of conference goers. We collected the sweat the night before, at Banya Tamazonka in Cleveland (a Russian wet sauna).

The sweat battery organizes and contains the sweat, which is a representation of externalized stress. We are not erasing the problems that cause the stress: the sweat battery still holds a charge. But we are dealing with the stress by pushing it out so it is no longer inside, causing problems for the mind and body. The mobile sauna is a vehicle for conversation and rejuvenation and acting as a weapon against factionalism and powering neighborliness.

Thank you to CIA and especially Gary Sampson and Jose Teixeira for bringing us there. It was an honor to be part of such a stellar lineup of presenters who discussed engaging and socially minded projects. It was great to meet new friends and connect with old ones. We hope to be back to Cleveland soon!

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