Mobile Sauna at New Museum’s Ideas City Festival

Idea City Festival

Sweat Your Own Battery in our Closed Loop Sauna!

Enjoy free-flowing discussion inside a mobile sauna. Relax or share ideas, while your sweat is gathered and transformed into a working battery for emergency use. Join us in New York City at the intersection of Stanton and Chrystie Streets in Manhattan on May 4th, morning until 6pm.

You are invited to visit and use our mobile sauna / battery factory. Inside you will find others relaxing and sharing ideas about the pressing issues of our day in a moderated but free-flowing conversation. Join in or simply listen. The combined energy of wood burning and intellectual discussion will produce abundant sweat. Our trained staff will gather that sweat (pending your permission), and then transform it into the active ingredient in an electrical battery. This hand-made ceramic battery (inspired by Olivia Robinson, Daniela Kostova, and ancient Egypt) will be produced on the spot, stored in a special container and preserved for The Emergency. Your sweat equity will mingle with the sweat of others and stored as potential energy.

Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 2.51.20 PM

Emerge refreshed, doused with water, relieved of your stress, and prepared for tomorrow.

The sauna used in the program is a Mobile Sauna parked on the streets of New York. This program is part of The Canary Project’s Modern Primitive Exchange: Design and Ideas for Living through the End Times in collaboration with the DS Institute, which built and designed the Mobile Sauna. Trees will also be planted to offset the wood burned during the performance.

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